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Thousands of children at risk of Zoloft birth defects

July 14th, 2011

Thousands of children born to women who took Zoloft while pregnant may be at risk of heart defects or other birth defects caused by the antidepressant. Multiple studies have found that the use of Zoloft during pregnancy can increase the risk of serious and potentially fatal heart defects or other congenital conditions.

According to two studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine, women who use Zoloft or similar antidepressants during their pregnancies are significantly more likely to give birth to a child with heart defects such as persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN), septal defects and ventricular defects. Researchers also found an increased risk of other birth defects for pregnant women taking Zoloft, including clubfoot, anal atresia and limb-reduction defects.

Despite evidence linking Zoloft and birth defects, the Food and Drug Administration has not announced plans to recall the drug due to its risks when taken during pregnancy. Many parents who have given birth to a child with heart defects or other birth defects have contacted a lawyer about filing a Zoloft lawsuit on their child’s behalf.


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