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British study links Zoloft during third trimester to increased birth defects risk

February 15th, 2012

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that women who take Zoloft after the 20th week of pregnancy are more than twice as likely as non-users to give birth to a child with a serious type birth defect known as persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN). The study also found an increased risk of PPHN among women who used other types of antidepressants during the third trimester, including Paxil, Prozac and Celexa.

In addition to the risk of birth defects from using Zoloft during the third trimester, researchers also found that the drug could increase the risk of PPHN when taken early in pregnancy. Women who used Zoloft before the eighth week after becoming pregnant were nearly twice as likely to give birth to a child with PPHN as those who did not take the drug.

Many families have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of Zoloft after their children were born with birth defects associated with the use of the drug. These Zoloft lawsuits have alleged that the drug’s manufacturer failed to properly warn consumers about the risk of birth defects associated with the use of Zoloft during pregnancy.

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